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Home Visitation

Most people with disabilities in Anshan are living in poverty. They have no fixed income to support their life and have to live on the “lowest life subsidy” from the government.

The Bethesda Ministry makes monthly home visitation to these poor families affected by disabilities. The purpose of the program is to identify their needs, to support them both practically and spiritually, and help them experience the Love from Jesus, and see the Hope.

During the visitations we bring them food and other life necessities, sometimes money if there is special need. We explain to them how we are touched by their sufferings and (through our own testimonies with God) and challenge them to embrace God’s Love.

Mobile Clinic

Most people with disabilities have to cover most of their medical expenses by themselves here, while many of them do not have any income. So we started a “mobile clinic” in 2008 for the poor disabled in communities. We provide primary care to the patients and give health education and consultation. For those with major diseases who need inpatient treatment or surgical procedures, we work with the government or other charity groups to raise the funds for their treatment.

Disabled Children Learning Program

Because of poverty and mobility limitation, many children with disabilities never have a chance to access formal education in public school. While great need for them to have basic literacy education, these children also need to learn about their disabilities and other knowledge.

For all of these reasons, we work with St. James Academy (SJA) to start the “Disabled Children Learning Program” in and around Anshan. Because of the limited family resources, lack of disability-friendly transportation, and cultural prejudices, it is difficult to educate these children living in the urban and rural areas of Anshan in a classroom setting, so we develop a “distance learning model,” meaning that teaching these children at home by DVD teaching materials, teachers’ tutoring, and the use of the Internet.

Our teachers visit students regularly to tutor them. To supervise their study, the Bethesda Ministry also gathers the students monthly to review and discuss what they have learned.

Outing Activities & Events

Most public places and residential buildings are not accessible for people with disabilities and many disabled people are confined at home all the time. For this reason, Bethesda Ministry organizes volunteers to bring them out to enjoy the beautiful nature God has made.

It is not an easy task for our volunteers because of the lack of disability-friendly transportation. However, seeing those joyful faces, the volunteers know that their efforts have been worthwhile. Now the outings and camping trips with people with disabilities is a regular program of the Bethesda Ministry.

Each year, we usually organize four to five Outings or camping, and each time we have 100 – 150 participants.

Wheelchair Distribution

Many people with disabilities here are even not able to afford to purchase a wheelchair. The Bethesda Ministry works with some charitable groups and personals to donate wheelchairs to people with disabilities in and around Anshan.

So far, we have donated more than 1,500 wheelchairs and some other assistive instruments to people with disabilities in and around Anshan, like prosthetics and orthotics, walkers, crutches, and canes.

Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy

So far, we have over one hundred children with disabilities in our learning program, and most of them are children with cerebral palsy (CP). Rehabilitation therapy is crucial for these CP children to gain some independence or relative independence for their daily activities, which could also give their parents the possibility to work outside and make livings. However, we still do not have professional rehabilitation facilities here and most families with CP children are not able to afford therapy in other large cities.

Currently, Bethesda Ministry can only provide these children with evaluation, clinical consultation, parents’ workshop, etc. In the future, we are praying for a small and affordable CP rehabilitation center for these children.

Monthly Newsletter

The monthly Newsletter gives a running account of ministry activities and accomplishments. By focusing on individual cases, the Newsletter tells the world what God is doing through Bethesda Ministry in and around Anshan.

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  Anshan city in liaoning province TieDongOu however international tower B 2110 room     
zip:114000    TEL : (0086)-412-2233110    FAX : (0086)-412-2233110
  Copyright @2008 DEsign ING. All rights reserved.    辽ICP备08003934号